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Frquently Asked Questions

How do the Memberships work?

Once you purchase a Membership, you will have access to different benefits through your account on this website. You can select a Tier I, Tier II, or Tier III (see the Tier III page for more details) level Membership depending on what types of benefits to which you would like to have access. You can purchase a Membership at any time and you can cancel a Membership at any time.

How do I purchase a Membership?

On the Memberships page, select which Membership you would like to purchase and enter your information to create your account. Once the information is entered and your account is created, you can enter your payment information to immediately activate your Membership.

What is included in each Membership?

The different benefits are summarized below each membership level on the Memberships page, and there is complete information for each one on the Memberships page that you can find by clicking on the Join Now button for any Membership.

What is the difference between the Memberships?

Each Membership provides access to different levels of benefits. For example, the Tier I Memberships don't provide access to the Live Shows or Exclusive Videos, but every Membership level above Tier I does. All benefits of lower Tier Memberships are included in higher Tier Memberships. For example, a Tier II membership allows access for all benefits that a Tier I membership allows access for, plus additional benefits.

How do the Memberships help?

By purchasing a Membership or donating, you're helping us keep the lights on. YouTube demonetizes virtually all of our videos, and so we've created a platform through which we could offer new and exclusive content and special access to our viewers by having them purchase Memberships. This allows us to be less dependent on YouTube, and also provides resources for travel, equipment, and many other things to help make our content better for our viewers. Everyone wins!

Can I change my Membership levels?

Yes, simply cancel your previous Membership in the Subscriptions section of your Account, and then go to the Memberships page to select which Membership you would like to purchase and then follow the steps.

Why can't I access certain pages?

Certain pages and content are available only to viewers with Memberships. For example, if you don't have a Membership, you won't be able to vote on video ideas, watch the Live Shows, or access the Comrades Only Discussion pages. Also, depending on your Membership Tier, you may not be able to access certain levels of content. For example, Tier I Members can access the HOC! Newsletter, the Weekly Book Recommendations, and the Insider Polling for New Videos, but they can't access the Exclusive Videos or the Live Shows. They can always upgrade to a Tier II Membership or higher to gain access!

Can I donate without purchasing a membership?

Yes, there is a DONATE button at the top of the page that allows you to quickly and easily donate without having to create an account or purchase a Membership. All donations are greatly and wholeheartedly appreciated.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time by going into the Subscriptions section under your Account.

Do I have to have a High IQ to purchase a High IQ membership?

If you are purchasing a High IQ Membership, you obviously have a High IQ. Only someone with a High IQ would ever purchase a High IQ membership, I mean, it's even in the name, right?

Is my information secure?

Yes, your information is completely secure and we don't share any of your data. It's not like we're Facebook or Google. They don't even like us.

is purchasing a membership inherently an epic, big brain move?




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